How We Grade Diamond

Grading is done on the basis of observations under Microscope and 10X Loupe by experience Eyes of Highly Experienced Gemologists: The size of diamond

• Number of Inclusion
• Size of Inclusion
• Location of Inclusion
• Nature of Inclusion
• Luster of Inclusion
• Color of Inclusion
• Highly Professional Instruments are used to carry out all the observation for Accuracy

Our Grading Process

1) Each Diamond/Gemstone/Jewellery is weighed on Standard Weighing Scale.
2) Diamond/Gemstone is then tested in machine for Natural, Synthetic or Imitation.
3) Diamond/Gemstone is then checked under Microscope for grading or any kind of treatments.
4) Expert Gemologist then grades diamond according to International Standards (IGJLabs).
5) Color Grade is given by Master Comparison Set under proper lighting conditions for Accuracy. Mounting conditions are considered while in Jewellery.
6) Diamond/Gemstone is the measured by Non Contact measuring device.
7) Additional Grading Finish Grades( Symmetry, Polish and Florescence ) is done
8) Senior Gemologist then re verifies all the Characteristics before Finalizing.
9) Laser Inscription is done to keep track of matching certificate.
Final process to make Diamond /Gemstone/Jewellery report is carried on.

IGJLabs grades according to stiff regulations of International Grading Standards to protect the Retail Jewellers and Consumers.

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